Helper Scripts

A few python scripts are included in the scripts subdirectory. These scripts are not part of the core wobble functionality but may be helpful as guides for doing a few common operations related to wobble.

Tuning Regularization Parameters

Regularization is an important part of wobble’s functionality. To get the best possible results for any given data set, the regularization strengths should be tuned to suit these data. We do this with a cross-validation scheme.

The script shows an example of generating new regularization parameter files and tuning them for a given data set via cross-validation.

More details are given under the API.

Running wobble

Once the data have been processed and the regularization amplitudes have been set, running wobble should be a straightforward procedure. An overview can be found in the Quickstart section. As further examples, the scripts used to run the three analyses performed in the paper can be found under,, and